Saturday, September 30, 2023

DIY Flower Stand

Hello there! If you have been following me, you know I started a GARDEN this year and I planted lots of cut and come again flowers. I love having fresh cut flowers in my house all the time! I wanted to have a little roadside flower stand for the longest time and decided to try to whip one up while I was making some bouquets one morning.

I started by looking in my wood shop to see what I had and saw this DIY CLOTHING RACK I had made for a yard sale we had earlier this year. I decided to repurpose it for my flower stand.

I started by adding a shelf to bottom with a 1x6 that I cut to the width of my rack. I attached the 1x6 shelf to the rack with two 2" screws on the outside of the rack legs on each side.

My daughter was coloring in the wood shop and wanted to take a picture of her elephant. 😀

I switched out the clothing rod for a wooden dowel cut to the same length as the shelf. I attached it to the rack legs with wood glue and one 2" screw on each side.

For my second shelf, I cut two small pieces of 1x3 cut to the same width as the rack legs and nailed them in place at the same height on each side. Then I added my second 1x6 shelf on top of it and nailed it in place to the shelf support pieces from the top.

I wanted my flowers shaded a bit, so I knew I wanted a roof. I decided to make a triangle top and cover it in fabric. To do this, I cut four scrap pieces of 2x2s to 12" long with a 45-degree miter on each end.

Then I predrilled a hole at a 45-degree angle for my screw to go into the rack leg straight on.

I used 2" inch screw and wood glue to attach the roof support pieces to the rack legs.

Here is what the triangle roof support pieces ended up looking like.

I used left over drop cloth fabric I had from a previous project for my roof fabric. I just used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the roof support pieces.

I added the fabric to the sides first and then did one continuous piece for the front and back. I folded the cut edge of the fabric over on the edges before stapling.

The bottom shelf didn't feel super stable, so I cut a 2x4 to size and added it to the bottom. I used 2" screws to attach it to the rack legs.

I stained the shelves and shelf supports the same color as the rack, Minwax Special Walnut. The whole stand is light enough that I can move it easily to and from the road, but also looks cute!


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