Tuesday, October 31, 2023

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Hi friends! Do you decorate for Halloween? We do outside only, for now! I never decorated for Halloween before I had my daughter, but mostly because I wasn't sure how to get things to stay in place. After much trial and error, I've found a good method, so figured I would share!

In the past I tried outdoor command products, which are very expensive and did not last past a couple days on my brick house. We got these adhesive zip tie mounts that are a breeze to put up and peel right off without any fuss! They work so well; we will never go back!

This is how they work - the small mount is sticky on the back, and you just put a zip tie through the center of the mount. Super easy!

Mine and my daughter's favorite decorations are our giant spiders! I use one large zip tie with the mount around the 'neck' of the spider.

I like to use small zip ties with the mount on the top legs.

This is our biggest spider, and I ended up securing it's middle 2 legs on each side.

For little spiders like this, I use one small zip tie over their body with one mount on the back stuck to the house.

For door wreaths/signs, I find that outdoor command hooks hold up fine. We have them on every exterior door and even on our shed for a mini wreath.

I like to visit Dollar Tree for little things to add, like the set of hand tongs I got and put a hand in each of my flowers. I also got the spider web with the white spider for my signpost from there.

I didn't see the skulls on my window ledge at Dollar Tree this year, but I got them there last year. I secured them in place with hot glue this year, but last year I used poster putty, and both methods held them in place for the whole month of October.

My daughter really wanted to get these little skeletons from Dollar Tree that I stuck in our boxwood bushes. I think the skeletons look so cute there, which my husband laughs at because he says Halloween isn't supposed to be cute. What do you think - did I do cute spooky or no? 😜


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