Monday, January 15, 2024

DIY No-Sew Jean Patching

Hi friends! I was recently talking to a couple friends, and one had mentioned that her husband had a few pairs of ripped jeans that she had trashed, since the rips were in inconvenient places, like between the legs and around the back pockets. I told her how we patch my husband’s jeans with rips in inconvenient places and both girls wanted more details, so I thought I would share our super easy no-sew patch process!

My husband has been stacking up his ripped jeans for a bit now, so I had a pile to work on for this post!

As you can see from these tears, sewing them would not be ideal and he doesn’t care about the appearance of them for work, as long as they are functional and not see through.

I keep a large section from a junk pair of jeans to use for my patches! To avoid seeing stitches on the outside of the jeans, we use our favorite fabric glue ever called TEAR MENDER. This glue is seriously the best!

I always turn the jeans inside out and put a paper plate between them, just in case a little glue leaks out.

Then cut a patch from the scrap denim to fit over the rip that needs covering, leaving enough space around the rip for a glue line. You could use measuring tape, but I usually just eyeball it.

Then just simply apply the glue around the perimeter of the patch and put it on! You can use an iron if you're in a hurry and want it to dry immediately or you can just rub it smooth with your hands and let it air dry for 5-10 minutes.

This method does not make the rip disappear, but the rip will no longer expose skin or underwear.

Here is a patch that has been washed many many times and is still stuck on tight! It’s that easy! We have extended the life of jeans for many years with this method, so hopefully you can too!

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