Monday, November 27, 2023

DIY Stocking Tags

Hi there! Is your house all decorated for Christmas? I couldn’t find our stocking tags this year when I was decorating, so I decided to make some new ones! I thought these were neat because they can also be used as place cards in your holiday table setting for your guests or even gift tags to be used as ornaments or stocking tags later.

Here are the supplies I used, plus a little cup of water. You can use oven baked or air dry clay, but I chose air dry clay this time - I like the Sculpey brand best. It seems softer and easier to work with than other brands I have tried in the past.

I just cut about 1/2" off the block of clay. I have had these little clay tools for a long time that my daughter uses now, but any round object that rolls and a regular knife/pizza cutter would be fine as well!


I found this little 6" ruler that I decided would be a good size for my stocking tags, so I rolled my chunk of clay out until it was a little larger than my ruler. I used a piece of plastic wrap on my table to prevent any sticking when I was rolling out the clay. I put my ruler on top of my rolled-out clay and cut around my ruler.

I kept my scraps in a pile until I had enough scraps to use for another stocking tag.

I wanted my tags to look like a piece of cut ribbon, so I added a little upside-down V to the bottom by cutting around the ruler with a butter knife.

To make my labels stand out a little bit, I dipped my letter stamps in a blank ink pad first before pressing the stamp onto the clay.

I used a baby wipe to wipe off any ink that got on the stamp around the actual letter, so the extra ink didn't copy over to my tag.


To create a hole for hanging the tag, I used the end of a paint brush and just twirled it through the clay gently. I smoothed out any imperfections with a paint brush dipped in water - I went around all the sides and lightly over the front of the tag. I made sure to transfer the tag to a cookie sheet where it would air dry before brushing it with water, since the water makes it a bit more pliable, and I didn't want to mess with it after this point.

If you aren't interested in this DIY, you can purchase HERE!

 I love that the stocking tags are big enough to be seen under my garland too!

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