Monday, June 19, 2023

DIY Under Shed Pest Barrier

Hi friends! If you saw my DIY Small Space Garden post last month, then you know we just put a garden in next to our shed!

I have noticed some rabbits going under our shed throughout the day and my daughter’s mud kitchen has been getting pushed away from the shed and chewed on a bit, so I decided it was time for the rabbits and whatever other critters may be under the shed to find a new home!

We were coming out to this mess every day - sometimes the rocks would be out further and look how far out I found her mud kitchen one morning!

I had a roll of chicken wire in my wood shop from some project I must have done many years ago, so I rolled it out in front of the shed to make sure I had enough. Then I dug a small trench in front of the shed about 3-4 inches deep.

I found it easiest to use the back of the shovel against the shed and pull the crushed concrete toward me.

I used whatever heavy objects I could find in the shed to hold the chicken wire down on each side. I used cutting pliers to cut the chicken wire to the length of the shed, then cut an 8-inch strip from that piece the length of the shed.

I put my cut piece of chicken wire under the face boards of the shed and curved the excess at the bottom into the trench I dug and used my staple gun to attach the wire to the shed.

I probably got a little staple happy, but it was very secure! I stapled the wire at the top and to each 4x4 runner under our shed.

I repeated this the whole length of the shed.

Then I backfilled my trench with the same crushed concrete I dug up. I did the same process to the back of shed, but I waited a couple hours, hoping any critters that may have been under there would leave.

Here’s the finished product - barely noticeable and keeping all the critters out…. well, except for the chipmunk I keep seeing near my garden! He/she can fit through the chicken wire *eye roll*.

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