Tuesday, July 19, 2022

DIY Aljo Camper Refresh

Hello! My husband and I recently bought an old camper to spruce up and the first thing I did was go to Pinterest and search ‘Aljo Camper’ and nothing like ours came up, so I wanted to share how we refreshed this cute little camper if you find yourself needing a little inspiration!

The first thing we did was wash the outside! This camper is a 1991 and had been stored outside, so we used scrub brushes and an outdoor bleach. It made such a difference!

The inside was dark and dingy, so we took down all the hooks and baskets that had been added and cleaned the whole thing really well. We used Bar Keeper’s Friend to clean the sinks and tub and a couple stubborn spots on the floor and then hot water and dish soap for everything else.

There was also a large decal on the closet door that was removing the cabinet finish when we tried to peel it off, so I used a hair dryer to warm the decal and the rest of it came off with minimal damage.
I used Old English Scratch Cover on all the scuffs and scratches on the wood areas in the whole camper. It does a good job making scuffs and scratches look a lot nicer.

I also removed all the old valances and curtains and replaced them with new curtain rods and curtains. You can see more on this process HERE.

We replaced the cabinet pulls with a little more of a modern pull in the same brass color.

We also popped out all the fabric pieces in the top cabinets and turned them around because the back side of each panel was finished like the cabinets. Each panel was a piece of thin plywood with a piece of fabric glued to it. To remove the panels, I pushed out each piece from the front with my hands, starting in the corners. They all pushed out very easily. Once the piece was out, I pulled the fabric off, hammered the staples flush with the plywood, then removed the staples from the other side with a pair of plyers. I used my nail gun with 5/8" nails to nail the pretty side back inside the cabinets. Each panel did have writing on it with a red marker on the side that was finished, so I just used some lime essential oil to get the marker off.

At some point the wallpaper either got removed or someone replaced some wood on the walls in the bunk area. It was just raw plywood and made the space dark and appear unfinished, so we gave it a fresh coat of paint with Graham & Brown Warm Moon. I also used spackle to fill the various holes in the walls. Once the spackle had dried for about a half hour, I used a damp rag to wipe off the excess.

On the outside, my husband repaired all the lights and cleaned the lenses, which made such a difference! He also had to re-screen the door and a window and replace a couple parts for the freshwater system.

Here’s the end result! I think it looks so bright and inviting now.

I made a faux lambs ear with white carnation wreath on a 12-inch wreath form and used a little suction hook on the door glass to hang it. 😍


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