Monday, July 31, 2023

DIY Garden Fertilizer from Kitchen Scraps

Hello there! Do you throw away coffee grounds, eggshells and banana peels? If so, you may want to stop because these items can make a great fertilizer for your flower and vegetable gardens.

Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and even deter slugs and snails. Eggshells are high in calcium. Blending these two together, makes a great slow-release fertilizer for your plants!

I use my food processor on the purée setting to crush up the eggshells.

I scoop all the coffee grounds out of my coffee pods and blend it all together. I only save the non-flavored coffee pods. Not only does this make a great slow-release fertilizer for my plants, but it’s less waste and I’m able to recycle my empty coffee pods after rinsing them out. To collect everything, I just throw my used coffee pods in a large mason jar under my sink. I have another mason jar for eggshells under my sink as well. I put a paper towel at the bottom of the eggshell jar and rinse the eggshells clean before I toss them in there.

When everything is ground and mixed, I remove the blade from my food processor bowl and head out to the garden!

I spread this around my strawberries, tomatoes and pepper plants this time!

For banana peels, I collect them in a sealable bag in the freezer until I have about 4-5 peels. Once I have enough banana peels, I put them in a large mason jar with water and either stick them in the sun for a few hours or put them in my shed for a few days to make banana peel tea fertilizer. Banana peels are a rich organic source of potassium.

When I am ready to water with the banana peel tea fertilizer, I bring my fine mesh strainer out with me and dump half of the large mason jar into my watering can and then fill the rest of the can with water.

Then just water my garden with it!

I don’t usually have enough banana peel tea fertilizer to water my garden deeply, so I usually go over it with a light watering from my hose. This also rinses off any banana peel tea I got on the leaves.

I put the banana peels in my WORM COMPOST BIN when I’m all done! What do you think!? Will you try these?

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