Friday, March 31, 2023

DIY Easter Crafts

Hi friends! My daughter and I did some Easter crafts with supplies we already had over the last couple weeks that make the cutest decorations to keep or give to grandparents! My daughter is 2.5, so she had help but she loved to "try it" at every step. For older kiddos, these may keep them busy for a bit!

We first made some painted eggs with scrapbook paper and spouncer brushes. Any paper will work though, you could even use a paper plate or a piece of cardboard from a mailing box. If you don't have spouncer brushes, try cotton balls, or a cut sponge!

I used a mixing bowl and a pen to trace the bottom of the egg and freehanded the top of the egg, then cut the shape out and let my girl paint them.

So cute!

We also made some handprint bunnies with scrapbook paper and a pen. My plan was to make a handprint bunny garland, but my model moved on to bigger and better things after just a few hand traces.

These were super simple - just trace your hand on paper and cut it out.

I folded the thumb and pinky forward for the bunny's feet and one of the other fingers back to make bunny ears, then drew on facial features and feet with a pen.

I think I will save these and add more for a cu
te garland next year!

We also made a bunny from scrapbook paper, a paper plate, craft pom poms, glue and pipe cleaners. Some variations if you don't have these supplies could be any paper, cardboard, zip ties, string, tape, cotton balls, or just markers/crayons - so many possibilities!

We started by making the bunny's whiskers with the pipe cleaners, I bent a pipe cleaner in half, and then cut another pipe cleaner in half and bent it around the curve where the other pipe cleaner was bent. I did the same thing for the other side.

Gluing the whiskers to the paper plate didn't work for us, so I cut two holes in the paper plate and used another pipe cleaner to secure to one whisker, looped through the back of the plate and up through the other hole and secured to the other whisker.

back view

We glued the craft poms to the plate for the nose and added facial features with a pen. I also cut out some ears from scrapbook paper and glued them to the back of the plate.

So cute! 😍 Will you try any of these?


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