Tuesday, December 13, 2022

DIY Tree Topper

Hi friends! This is the first year I put a Christmas tree up in our playroom/office downstairs, so I didn’t have a spare tree topper. I usually use bows, but decided I would make an easy star with some scrap wood!

I wanted something lightweight, so I looked for thin boards and found these door jamb trim boards in our wood shop. I’m not sure exactly what they are called. We had some scrap pieces and a long 6-foot piece.

Here is a side profile of the boards I used. For my star tree topper, I cut four boards at 18” long and one board at 20” long with my miter saw.

To assemble my star, I put the first two 18” long boards together to make an upside-down V with the curved sides of the boards each facing out.

I did the same thing with the bottom two 18” boards to make an X over the upside-down V. Then used the 20” board for the center. I used 5/8” nails with my nail gun to attach the boards together, except for one spot shown below.

I cut a small 1” piece of the same type of board and slid it behind the right side of my X to fill the gap from crossing the boards and secured all three pieces together with a 1” nail in my nail gun.

Quick recap for visual learners!

I was going to use some twine to tie the star to the tree, but it felt pretty secure just setting it on the tree.

Cute! What do you think!?


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