Friday, October 28, 2022

DIY Corbel Curtain Rod

Hey there! Over the past month, I've been helping my neighbor give her bathroom a little refresh and wanted to share this cute corbel curtain rod we did!

Her bathroom is a good size, but she wanted to make it feel cozier!

She painted the whole room Sherwin Williams Alabaster and added a wood blind to the window.

For the curtain rod, I wanted to bring some character and warmth into the room, so we chose to do corbels with a 1" dowel rod. She ordered the 4 ft dowel rods in a 2-pack on Amazon, but they can be purchased at most home improvement or hardware stores as well.

I've had these corbels in my shop for a few years. I think I got them at Lowe's or Home Depot originally.

They have a little mounting plate in the back of each one for easy hanging.

To make them hold the dowel rod, I used a 1-3/8" hole saw to make a hole slightly larger than the dowel rod for it to sit on the corbel.

After I had my first hole cut, I stacked my corbels on top of each other and traced the hole with a pen to the second corbel to make sure each hole was in the same spot. I lightly sanded each corbel with 220 sandpaper before staining them.

To install the corbels, I drilled a 1" screw on each side of the window in the location I wanted the corbel to sit, then added a little poster putty to the bottom so it didn't shift around if it ever got bumped.

Once both corbels were installed, we just slid the dowel on top. For the curtain, we used a piece of leftover drop cloth I had from when I did my DIY RV CURTAINS.

The stain I used for the corbels, dowel rod and shelves is Minwax Honey. Check out the DIY Floating Shelves HERE!

I tried to get a side view of the corbels, but there wasn't a lot of room in this narrow space. The warmth of the wood and the shower curtain coupled with the character of the corbels help to bring a cozy feel to this space!

What do you think!?


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