Tuesday, January 4, 2022

DIY Door Refresh

Hey! If you have an old home or wood doors, I’m sure they get scuffed and scratched up over time like mine do. It’s quick and easy to give a sad looking door some life back though!

This is our entry door from our attached garage. Our basement steps are right here too, where we have our wood shop, so this door gets a lot of heavy traffic.

As you can see, there are lots of scratches and scuffs and the hinges are looking pretty dated. The first thing I did was wipe down the hinges with a cloth and some rubbing alcohol to get them grime free.

For the hinges, I picked up this little touch up bottle of black appliance paint and painted my hinges with it! I chose this paint because it is made for metal appliances, so I figured it would be perfect for hinges as well. You could of course take the hinges off and spray paint them or replace them, but this was much easier and faster and just as good of a result! I did two thin coats.

For the scratches on the door, I use this scratch cover a couple times a year on our interior doors and it works so good! It just fills in the scratches, so you can’t even see them. I use old t-shirt scraps or junk socks to apply it. They make a light wood colored version of this as well.

So much better!

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