Wednesday, June 19, 2019

DIY Clay Heart Garland

Hey hey! I have a super easy (and cheap) craft for you today, and its kid friendly! 😆 The items you’ll need are clay, your choice of cookie cutters and whatever you want to hang your shapes with - twine, string, yarn, etc. I also used bobby pins as my shape hangers, but those are optional.

To get started, I just pressed some clay out into a thin layer, about 1/8” thickness and used my heart shaped cookie cutter to cut two hearts out.

Next, I laid a bobby pin in-between the two and sandwiched them together. If you don’t want to use bobby pins, no problem! Just go with a thicker layer of clay (about 1/4”) and use a pen or pencil to poke a hole in the shape you choose. You can also use a paint to brush a little water onto the back of one of the hearts, if it doesn't seem like they are sealing together. The water will soften the clay a bit, so they will mold together more easily.

If you’re using air dry clay like I did, you could let them dry for the length of time it says on the tub or you could pop them in the oven on low (200-250F) for 10-15 minutes like I did!

Once they were dry and cooled, I decided I wanted to age them a little. I had some cheap antiquing wax from Walmart laying in my craft bin, so I got a small paint brush and brushed it on the areas my clay already had some cracks.

I immediately wiped the shape with a damp paper towel, leaving the perfect vintage-y look.

See the difference! You could also paint them, let your kids add some glitter or just leave them be!

Lastly, I strung my good and aged hearts up on some twine - just make sure to knot each one, so they don’t move!

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